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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the most asked questions with their answers about BTCASH

  1. Download Trust Wallet from Google Play or App Store;
  2. Open Trust Wallet App and create a new wallet;
  3. Purchase on Binance (BNB or BUSD) Tokens and send them to your BSC address on Trust Wallet; Tap on DApps tab on the bottom, and find “PancakeSwap“; Click on “Select a currency”; Enter this contract address It will load BTCASH token into PancakeSwap. Click ADD and then click on the token name; Set the amount of BTCASH you’d like to purchase, and set slippage to 12%; Then press “Swap” and be ready for your trip to the metaverse ecosystem!

The slippage would be too low (Try 12%) or not setting the BTCASH amount to a round number can cause swap failures. Contact us through our helpdesk if you have any problem.

We’ve burned  20% of the total supply after launch. 
For getting up to date status of our burning roadmap, please stay connected with us through our social media channels

There is a long list of upcoming projects like A decentralized staking platform BTSMART, a unique gaming portal BTCASINO, a decentralized exchange BTEXCHANGE, a robust NFT Portal and finally the METAVERSE Ecosystem.